The word "Marshed" means: When i have myself being fully "me". Me that i am proud of, that i like, and that i entirely accept. I love myself when i got "Marshed".

A "Marshed" girl is confident, she is determined, ambitious, and a hard worker. She loves learning new things and believes that she can do anything and can be anything she wants if she work hard on it.

So, get ready to read this blog that's really 'Marshed'..!

Be ready to get to know me better. Personally.. Completely. And when you're done, be ready to be nothin' but MARSHED ;)


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A new morning..

Just another beginning. A little part of one marvelous journey called “My Life”. You know you can feel this joy. I know this energy is undeniable. Some will try to put me down. But nothing can ever take away my inner piece, the light within me. I’m never gonna stop shining, i wont stop singing, i will keep living.


THE UNSPOKEN EPISODE 2 “Letter to God” by Marshanda


“Just LIVING can be a challenge, when you highly value Self-Honesty and you have the courage to fulfill Your Truth.” -Marshanda

The best, is when you are so sure of what you do
The best, is when you are proud of the things you do
The best, is when you truly love doing all of em…

The best is when you feel lifted doing what you do,
The best is when you believe the environment you’re in will do nothing but only to make you grow and improve,
The best is when you see obstacles as stepping stones to victory..

The best is when you frequently take time to look inside yourself and remind yourself of all “this”,
Of what you truly believe in.

This way, you will find once again..
You are blessed.
You are blessed…

Oh truly you are…
Only, you are blessed.


"You can never learn less; you can only learn more. The reason I know so much is because I have made so many mistakes."
-Buckminster Fuller

“I bet the average successful person can tell you they’ve failed so much more than they’ve had success. You have to go after what you’re afraid of.”
-Kevin Sorbo

Eager to fail, be afraid not to make mistakes… As surely, it only keeps you going forward cos you’ll learn valuable lessons from them.

Ada yang pernah bilang, “semua orang itu punya bakat, yang jarang adalah yang punya keberanian untuk menelusuri bakat itu sampai ke tempat yang gelap dan asing dimana bakat tersebut membawa kita jika kita terus mengenalnya lebih jauh.”

Kadang I feel like I dont know what the answers are to our problems. We do feel that sometimes. We get caught in the noises of the outside world. And slowly, but surely it breaks us down. Sperti yang saya tulis di status bbm saya, “kita ga akan pernah bisa nemuin di luar sana — mau kita nyari2 ampe kelabakan — suatu hal yang sesungguhnya ada di dalam diri kita.”

Mungkin pesen yang sebenernya bukanlah:

"Jangan biarkan energi negatif diluar sana menguasai kita."


"Kuatkan lagi connection kita dengan diri kita sendiri. Inner self kita. Be bestfriends with our inner self. Listen to the voices in our head and heart. Talk to yourself, without doing anything else. Take some time to focus on you. Dan kita akan dapetin The Right Answers that we really need. That way you will sense a stronger connection with yourself. That way you’ll get yourself together again."

Be brave for handling your choices and decisions.
Be strongly connected to your inner self.
Be sure, and move forward.. again.



The world is there not to be feared of. But it is there to be cherished for, to be our challenge of conquering the small wars so we can move on to bigger battlefields.

We are the winner. It is absolute… Bright lights, is where we belong.

The winners.


Bright lights…. is where i belong

Cheap-minded So Called “Bestfriend”

You believe strongly you stand on the right side
Convincing others hardly that you are the victim doesn’t make it right for you to take advantage of me.
Enjoying all the privilege you could get from me.
While pushing me aside and blocking me out.
There you are laughing hard thinking life is so heavenly.

So weird of me to still appreciate who you are all this time.
When really you’re just a cheap-minded so called “bestfriend”.
Now im changing how your soul looks like in my head.

I know you are hurt and honor your inability to listen or understand and your decision to go away.
But to use the popularity you already got is not as respectable.

It’s the picture perfect of who you really are.
It was never ‘love’ no it was only for your benefits.
And thank god i’m done with all your kind now.

I’m all good and more than great now.
For you i say thanks for leaving.
As i comprehend better of who deserves these space around me.

Thanks for leaving
Thanks for faking
Thanks for being cheap
Thanks for being inevitably real.

So long..

This is 
A morning on fire. 
A soul dancing in the storm. 
A smile of a visionary. 

This is 
Us taking on the universe.
And now, 
is just day one.

So be prepared humanity.
As we are going to shine your land of broken hopes.

With this joy and laughter
We are killin’ it day by day.
On the ride with this rocketship
We are fighting for our faith and dreams

The future is looking at us now.
Smiling cos it knows we’re about to be ready.
We’re on preparation, 
can be a painful sensation, 
in the journey of a transformation, 
creating a stronger addiction 
of Confidence to Speak Our Mind
and Determination to Sing Our Hearts Out.

We aint stoppin
Not till we see
Our dreams become reality
A better energy amongst humanity.

We aint stoppin no
We aint stoppin no
We aint stoppin no


This is a morning on fire. 
A soul dancing in the storm. 
A smile of a visionary.

This is Us taking on the universe. 
And now, is just day one.

I am taking steps in each of my days. Walking above the strong land of my faith and beliefs. I breathe in my dreams, and i breathe out every passion and energy i generate for the world. I wanna be in sync with the universe. As i will get bigger and better. Going along the road of fulfilling a greater destiny. Of me. So i can become part of the better humanity.


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